Oh, cinema! You go somewhere deep and far away and within all that light and darkness, find a word, or sound, or image, and you go back on the surface with those gems, and you put them together, literally, and you have this sequence. And you show it to another person, who now sees the same. It's the most precise language, from the heart to heart.

Aleksandr Gorbunov

My name is Aleksandr, and I’m an artist from the Russian Federation. I have an MA in Graphic design and ten years of professional experience in the game industry as a concept designer. I feel a burning intention of expressing my vision and perception of our holistic reality, and I can’t find a better tool for that than animation.

You stated that "Art is a form of self-recognition", then, Would it be yourself portraying the Director who by shouting "cut" finishes the film? In other words, Would it be you watching yourself?
I would say the whole point of art for me is to meet that director, who’s watching himself. Through art, I meticulously explore and study the world around me, the world inside me, and then try to process what I saw through expressing it on paper or through stories. The whole process is self-recognition.
Does the surreal desert represent something real or is it just the freely abstract symbolism of surrealism?
Everything wrecked is being covered with dust. If I imagine a place that only left, that would be a dessert.
Would it be right to say that your film is a film -or play- within a film?
The character inside the film sees all the same decorations, but they seemed to be natural for him because any film is a complete dream. It exists on its own. Still, when he manages to extract himself from his “reality,” he finds himself as a spectator in a play. And a play is something that is happening at the moment. Spectators, actors, and decorations exist in one moment and place, and then the dream of a story appears. It’s like a higher dimension of film (the character’s) reality.
The aesthetics of the animation is just amazing, Could you recognize any particular source of inspiration for it?
For a long time, Egon Shiele has been the primary source of inspiration for me. He opened a spiky gate to the world of expressionism – language that I understand the most. As if for the animation, I can’t say anyone particular, but I watch and consume as much as possible, and something is coming up out of it.