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Antony Acheampong

Antony Acheampong is a highly acclaimed actor whose works has spanned across Film and TV across the world stage. As a young boy, he was enamoured by the griots within his Ghanaian culture and started practicing the skill of taking a tale and making it flourish in film via acting and now directing. His career has seen him in multiple feature films including working with Oscar nominated Directors such as a Jim Sheridan; Harry Potter Director David Yates and more. Acheampong’s talent has led to him starring in series on the largest television networks such as ABC, ITV and PBS to name a few.
Being an actor first, Acheampong has always been awed by cinema and allured by the art of film making; an interest which deepened further when working with revered Directors. This led to his directorial debut with BOY; an award-winning film which explores ideals pertaining to masculinity and loss.

Jarri - Of Kings and Prophets
Kanam – The Legend of Tarzan
Mendo – My Foolish Heart
Robert Deveaux – Granchester
Wale – The Power

You were absolutely right, subtitles are not needed to follow and feel your film; it's been a journey through body language, voice intonation, smiles, ways of looking....understanding beyond language, Was it a forehand idea or you realized that subtitles were not needed once the film was finished?
It wasn’t my intention from the get go; it was something that made more sense during the process. Subtitles didn’t feel necessary. There’s an eloquence in the unsaid that is universal. This is what I wanted to carry the story.
We know BOY is your directorial debut, How proud are you with your film? Such an inspirational and touching one!!!
Thank you, it was cathartic. A story very dear to me. The whole process was rewarding; BOY’s reception was a bonus. I’d always describe myself as an actor first and foremost and I’ve been blessed to have worked some great directors in my career. Having been on sides of the camera affords you a unique insight into storytelling..I’ve always had a deep respect for directors but after BOY? Yeah man, tenfold ha!
Could you tell us a bit about Josh Kye and Sibusile Xaba who did nothing but honoured your film with their musical compositions.
I met Josh at University, I reached out to him and we reconnected. It was really easy. I vividly remember watching Josh watch the ungraded version of the scene I wanted him to score. He felt it and that was that. He know what to do. From there it was just a matter of playing around. I actually heard Abakhohlwanga (song on end credits) via an Instagram story and actually screen recorded the clip and told myself that I needed to find this guy! I had no idea what the song was about at the time but I was really drawn in by it – music does that I guess..months later I found a live version on Youtube and connected with Sibusile shortly after. It was pretty serendipitous. Two very talented artists for sure be sure to check out their work @josh_kye and @sibusilexaba.