Cinema should move the audience, whether to laughter or tears, and provoke thought.

Joyce Porter

Joyce is a Chicago based actress, who has also worked in other parts of the U. S. After she received her M. A. in theater from Northwestern University, she became a professor at Moraine Valley Community College, near Chicago, where she taught theater, film, humanities and speech for many years. She also directed numerous plays. She took early retirement to focus on acting. She worked both on stage and on camera for several years before switching to on camera exclusively. She has acted in 60 films, and some commercials and TV. A highlight was a small role in "Better Call Saul". She was pleased with every aspect of "Stairs" and when the director left the film industry decided to submit it herself. She is not related to the director.

Joyce, how was the casting process for the film?
I responded to an open casting call for Maplight Filmworks for a different film in 2018. I was not cast. The following year I received an email from them inquiring about my interest and availability for the shoot for Stairs, which was scheduled for only about a week away. Fortunately, I was available.
How appealing did you find the script to play the role?
I was very enthused as soon as I saw the script. I had never done a film before where I was the only character. I also liked the challenge of telling the story without any dialogue.
How many hours of shooting did you undergo for a 4.29-minute film? Was it a big deal?
The entire shoot was done in one day, and not a long one at that. Perhaps 5 hours with costume,setups, etc. There were 2 challenges. One was that it did become rather tiring continually climbing and descending the stairs, because I was not using my usual gait and muscles. The other was a technical one – the carpet kept stopping the cane and it had to be dropped repeatedly. Overall though, it was a great crew and a pleasant experience.