cinema lets me make all my childhood ideas come true.

Nicolas Szopko

I run a small little studio called PartSimeSeagull where me and my team produce music videos and assets for various productions. i graduated college a year ago and its been quite the ride, PartTimeSeagull has provided work for rappers such as lil uzi vert, juice wrld, and i am currently involved with creators Tristious, Denzel Curry, Lyrical Lemonade, Joel g, and Vizviepop to name a few!

Don't you believe that Walkman is the dream come true for nowadays students? Who are likely closer to that possibility than older generations that could have only possibly thought about it as pure science fiction.
Definitely! I find myself becoming very jealous of walkman, the world he lives in has made many menial things very simple. yet he still bums around lazily and pushes it off until the very last minute. if i had to just press a button and learn things i would become unstoppable. but i think thats how older generations see us right? im often reminded by the old cliche “back in my day, we didnt have computers, smart phones etc” and i think i may be spouting that exact cliche with walkman and the technology he has access to.
We believe that the sound design of your film encompasses perfectly the pacing of the film and helps on its understanding. Could you tell us something about the filmmaking and sound design process altogether?
The sound design was one of the most important things to me. throughout college i got attached to this genre of music called lo-fi, the songs are often composed of multiple samples from old media and more often than not instruments would be switched out with common objects, hi hats and kicks from a drum would be replaced with fingers tapping a desk and coins in a jar. i alwasy thoguht it created such a perfect atmosphere and absolutely lent itself to animation and i created the whole world of Walkman around it, making sure everything had its own unique sounds, from the energy drinks, to the chair to his joints to his computer! in every shot you have to hear what is going on.
The combination of the sound design plus the dynamics and colour choice of the animation creates a very attractive effect on the audience, Would you like to share some of your experience in animation films?
Thank you so much! I became very obsessed with the colors while working on this this film, prior to it i had never really painted so im glad that even with my limited understanding at the time it was effective! my professional career in animation is very short. i have only been working a year now but its been quite something, I’ve only recently upgraded from my parents basement to a small 1 room studio apartment where I live with my partner Nora who is also a proud member of PartTimeSeagull! the professional career is very new but i have been working for myself for many years now. I took a couple years off from college because of financial issues but that allowed me to really hone in on what I wanted to pursue.on my first year off i made a 170 page graphic novel! and on my second year off i made my own cartoon pilot! I produced a 22 minute animatic for Walkman that was honestly just missing cleanup to be considered finished, practically fully animated with lineart and value painted backgrounds, hopefully one day ill be able to make it a reality and apply to this festival again. this is definitely not the last time you guys are going to hear from me!