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Official Selection


Harold & Mary by Stephen Gallacher – United Kingdom

Torn by Michael Gene Conti – United States

Swallow Flying to the South by Mochi Lin – Canada

Process by Patrick Gather – United Kingdom

Atonement by Kaveh Akaber – Sweden

Mirage by Arthur Fanget – France

Spaceboy by Veerle De Wilde – Belgium

The Never Ending Now by Damien Krisl – France

Modern Life by Antoine Svolanek – France

Eye to eye by Gari Kikoïne – France

The Caddy by Gabriel Beristain – United States

Hello, Muscles by Marnie Baxter – United Kingdom

La Calesita by Augusto Schillaci – Canada, United States

Darker by Frank van den Bogaart – Belgium

When We Were Kids by Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu – New Zealand

She’s The Protagonist by Sarah Carlot Jaber – Belgium

Gnomes by Ruwan Heggelman – Netherlands

After We’re Gone by Ima Iduozee – Finland

Blue Monday by Fintan O’Connor – United Kingdom

Any Old Sunday by Sebastien Duattis – France

Tea funeral by Aleksandra Gavrilenko – Russian Federation

Triggered by Tara Westwood – United States

A Guitar in the Bucket by Boyoung Kim – Korea

Bazigaga by Jo Ingabire Moys – Réunion

Breakthrough | The Story of Tina Guo by Auctus Productions – United States

Tommies by Brian Fairbairn, Karl Eccleston – United Kingdom

A wolf in the dark by Naomi Grand – France

Here We Are: Notes For Living on Planet Earth by Philip Hunt – United Kingdom

Trapped by Plastic by Anny Tubbs – United Kingdom

Know The Grass by Sophie Littman – United Kingdom

Crooks – Heart Of Vengeance by Snorre Fuglsang Ruhe – Denmark

Warning by Axel Zeiliger – France

Sweet Juices by Will Suen, Sejon Im – Australia

A guerra finita by Simone Massi – Italy

Drug Dealers by Caleb Joye – United States

Unborn Biru by Inga Elin Marakatt – Norway

To die a little bit by Ivo van Aart – Netherlands



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